Claire Elizabeth Stringer


b. 1986, HK.


Hey there,

My name is Claire and I live in Portland, OR. My expertise in storytelling across wide-ranging audiences is what sets me apart.

After studying art and architecture, I spent over five years as a museum technician in Chicago's top institutions. Within these spaces, I collaborated with a multitude of artists and design teams who were finding innovative ways to critique and solve problems. It was there that I became passionate about shaping experiences through visual communication. 

The transition into product design has felt natural because of my innate curiosity and willingness to learn. While I am shifting my career themes of creativity, compassion and critical thinking are still what drives me.

I'm currently seeking opportunities and I welcome any opportunity to convince you of my talent- Let's work together!

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From creating storage boxes for Warhol Polaroids to working alongside the Bouroullec brothers, my time in museums gave me an eye for precise detail and a passion for experimental problem solving. 


My Process

Research & Discovery  |  Synthesis  |  Define & Ideate  |  Strategize  |  Interaction Design  |  Testing  |  Visual Design


Tools I Use